Building Muscle Without Equipment


No expensive treadmill or elliptical needed, just your own two legs and a good pair of running shoes.

Try walking at a quick clip or running a slow jog for 15-30 minutes to start. Add in increments of 5-10 minutes weekly.



Push-ups work your chest, shoulders, triceps and core for a complete muscle-building exercise. They’re a major deal, so don’t neglect them.


They help with core strength and may tone your midsection, but don’t obsess. They should be one small part of an overall plan to develop core strength, which is important for overall body strength and muscle building. 


 Pull-ups are a great way to build back strength. You just need a bar that is high enough. Alternate between close grip pull-ups (biceps) and wide grip pull-ups. (lats) Add an easy set of flyes or rows for high repetitions and a low weight such as a 12 oz bottle of cola, but omit this if you have swimming in your routine.


Swimming is great because water supports any weight and you can do a lot of exercise without becoming too warm.


Just turn on the radio or stereo and start dancing. Or use your iPod/mp3 player. It doesn't have to be good dancing, just get your heart pumping.


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